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Pub date: December 1, 2013
BearCat Press

Casebound: ISBN 978-1-937356-34-7
Trade: ISBN  978-1-937356-35-4
EBOOK: 978-1-937356-36-1

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Richard Anderson’s debut novel Death Below Zero is a mystery drawing from his experience on the Alaska Pipeline where he worked out of Laborers Local 942, Fairbanks.  This frozen north setting naturally summoned a tale of murder and betrayal. Anderson reminisces, “It was the 70s, drugs were everywhere, any day you might freeze to death, stoned or otherwise.  Some of my co-workers were right out of Haight Ashbury and a lot more were party-crazed rednecks. There were plenty of edge-dwellers about and many didn’t seem to care much if they fell over the nearest behavioral cliff.  Too few women and too much gambling added to the chaos.  Between the workaday weirdness and the omnipresent corporate corruption, it was all too easy to imagine murder.”

Richard Anderson is a former ditch digger, a former cab driver, a former phone booth cleaner and a former game developer. He also did computer stuff in Indonesia for a couple years and has 100,000 miles on his thumb. These days he’s a database developer in a town to the left of Berkeley, with a writerly wife, three cats, and a nighttime crime writing habit.


Synopsis of Death Below Zero:

Nick Rezkel lost his PI license in a case that went sideways.  Turned out catching the killer wasn’t enough. Now he’s on the Alaska Pipeline, working seven tens out in the minus 70 wind chill. Yet, there are compensations. Nick finds a new girlfriend with a quick tongue and a killer body. Life feels sweet despite his boss’ threats to fire him. Then, everything gets serious. He finds a dead man, a heap of cocaine dissolving in his pooled blood. State troopers are convinced Nick stabbed the guy. Now, it’s up to him to escape and clear his name.

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